Writer’s Workshop Drinking Game

To make the last night of the vodo’s class a bit more interesting Kelly, Mike, and I played the Workshop Drinking Game. Before class we sat down and wrote down all the workshop cliches we could think of. Then, since we forgot to bring alcohol to class, we divvied up the list between the three of us. Each time one of ‘our’ cliches was said by one of our ‘mates we got a checkmark which equalled one drink. At one point I double-whammied Kelly with the phrase “I really like Clinton’s voice, it’s strong, and I really like the chracter of Olivia,” because I am an evil, evil bitch.

So here’s how the game works, take one shot for each time one of these lines is uttered by your workshop-taking comrades:

• There’s some really strong writing here
• I love the dialogue
• I can’t tell what the character wants
• What’s the conflict here?
• Strong voice
• I love the description/detail
• This is not the title/this is the title
• I kept reading/it was a very easy ready
• Interesting characters/I really like [main character]
• I think the story starts here (usually page 12 of a 14 page story)
• What’s the story here?
• I think this the start of a bigger piece/first chapter of a novel
• There’s some Point of View problems here

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  1. Mike 30.Apr.06 at 12:38 pm

    There is no doubt, but that there is some really strong writing here, but seriously, I can’t tell what the character wants and this IS not the title for this piece. Overall though, it is saved by your strong voice and I kept reading, because after all, it is a very easy read.

    Keep it up, and keep pulling those words out. 😉



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