oh the vodo’s writing class, we hardly knew ye

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i’m in total mourning about class being over. what sucks is it always seems like the class really gels that last two weeks. by that time all the people who weren’t that into it have dropped and everyone seems to be comfortable enough to let loose. you get to know people’s personalities.

this class was by far one of the best chemistry-wise of any class i’ve taken. that’s one of the great things about the vodo, he’s really charismatic and that seems to put people at ease. so much at ease that during the last class, hipster mom and i were telling the puppeteer that he was “that sex guy.” see, everyone becomes “that guy” or “that girl” at some point. the poor puppeteer became “that sex guy” because in two stories he was seeing sex where there was no sex at all.

i told him not to feel bad because i was usually “that sex girl.”

in fact, the last night of class was so good, that i ended up sitting next to Salinger at Grumpy’s trying to con him into singing a Beastie Boys song. of course, he would have none of nonsense, but i tried. lord, i tried. when i couldn’t sell him on the Beasties, i tried for Frank Sinatra. that didn’t work either.

sadly, most of the lamers ditched us before we even got to the karaoke portion of the night. but just imagine it, me and salinger being BFFs. it really was mass hysteria.

now my big goal is to gather together a writing group from these classmates, since Mel and ChiliD are entirely too busy to spend any time writing. plus, i really like these people and i’ve already started whining to kelly about how much i miss class.

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  1. hipster mom 01.May.06 at 12:27 pm

    I’m so not hip…clueless, yes, hip, no. I’m going to find myself very sad on Thursday. Maybe I’ll start singing Karaoke in Grumpy’s. I’ll wear pink and sing the “butt crack song” just to stand out from the rest of the hipster crowd.

  2. Mike 03.May.06 at 8:36 am

    I am soooo behind, that now as I catch up, I am trying to handle the merged images of Supergenius vibe, dreadhead bedhead with Vodo cranking up Lisa Loeb songs to the cool part of class…of which of course I am in the lamer part and am only left with these distorted images, which are freaking me out.

    Hey, I am up for a writing group, as long as I can bring anything I can remotely label as a story, and there are no assignments to read and discuss the writing craft of War and Peace length novels. Because remember, I am not a real writer and thus a resident of the lamer part of class. 😉

    Hey, what is that character limit here anyways.

    Go Doughty! Later Babe–Mike

  3. jodi 03.May.06 at 10:12 am

    mike, i don’t think there’s a charact er limit. i think if there is, you’ll find it. ha!

    i need to find that vodo e-mail and see if i can rally the troops to form some sort of group.


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