you got a voice like the last day of catholic school

since Supergenius Headquarters have been declared a pants-free zone for the past few days, it seems my ass has been liberated. in its absolute delight over being freed from the tyranny of the pants, it seems my ass has decided today is the day where it will not be able to sit still for a moment. since my ass has made this decision it has talked to my ears and have come up with a plan to make sure that i get busted for chair-dancing here at work.

Kathleen Turner Overdrive has just served up a triple threat of “Ain’t Got Me” by Paul Westerberg, Duran Duran’s “Rio,” and “Rolling” by Soul Coughing. i’ve never before noticed how hard it is to write and dance at the same time. it’s proving most difficult this sunny monday morning.

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  1. MJ 20.Feb.06 at 1:14 pm

    Thats such an awesome way to start a Monday morning, killer tunes too…!


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