still weepy and sore

the weepy, it doesn’t go away so easily. i can’t tell if i’m weepy because of the car accident and thinking about my mortality and well the probable demise of my beloved Ruby or because people are just being so damn nice. so nice.

all the offers for help, are just so damn kind and appreciated. but the one i like the best came from my FFJ.

she said, “like seriously, i’ll bring you dawson’s creek and ice cream and a naked drunk vodo if you want (with a wig on).”

more on the wig later.

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  1. Kelly 03.Feb.06 at 3:46 pm

    All three would be my guess.

    I’ll let you have Vodo (and I know exactly why the wig) until you feel better, but don’t let FFJ get him too drunk or he’ll have whiskey dick and will be useless.

  2. nance knauer 03.Feb.06 at 7:05 pm

    okay, give with the wig story! and come to Zoetrope. i sent you an invite to the River.


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