Nevermind Neko, Ta-ta Ted

Last night when I pulled into the bowling alley parking lot great billowing clouds of steam poured from Ruby’s hood.

Not a good sign.

Tony went out to go look at her. In the fading light and with the last night of bowling about to begin he couldn’t tell what the matter was. After bowling I tried to drive a superhot Ruby to Tony’s house, where he said he would look at it today.

We never made it. By the time we got to 169 (a mere two miles from the bowling alley) Ruby was smoking and steaming. Tony, following behind me, had me drive her to Valleyfair, where she stayed for the night. For the uninitiated, Tony works at Valleyfair. He’s the guy who puts together and fixes all the giant rides.

Sadly, Tony cannot fix Ruby there’s something wrong with perhaps an air gasket. I am not quite sure. He did some research and asked some of his mechanic buddies, so Ruby’s going into the shop.

There’s not a place I hate more on earth than the shop. Ever since the Great Clyde debacle of 2000, I have been super leery of the shop. In fact just the fact that Ruby is gonna spend the weekend in the shop has my stomach tied in knots. Shops are not good to women. It’s true. Whenever I walk into an shop I can feel my body morph into a wallet with hundred-dollar bills sticking out of it, and the pupils of the shop workers transform into dollar signs. The shop is the one place on earth where when dealing with men it is a distinct disadvantage to have breasts. If I were mechanically inclined at all, I’d open an all-girls car repair shop and make a kajillion dollars.

So Tony’s left Ruby at the shop and allegedly she’ll be done Monday afternoon for about $350 bucks. While I am relieved that it’s only going to be about $400 that means all my ‘fun’ for the month is out of the door. So no Neko Case at First Ave on Friday, and probably no Ted Leo either. It’s days like this where being a responsible grown-up blows and I long for my shitty $600 apartment.

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  1. AC 02.Apr.07 at 10:22 pm

    Hey Jodi —

    Here’s a shop tip: the Foreign Service in Roseville. They have 2 chicks running the front, and they also have loaner cars (old Volvos, mostly). They are really really good and really honest.
    Amy C.

  2. Jodi 02.Apr.07 at 10:23 pm

    Thank you. I am going to tell all the chicks I know about that.


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