how i love her, let me count the ways

things are super hectice busy here in the land of copywriting and work. so busy that i’m pretty much ignoring most everyone in a futile attempt to get some stuff done. i just moaned to maria, “it’s one o’clock, i haven’t eaten lunch and i still haven’t gotten one thing done!” so then Al, the cutest girl on earth™, called and asked if i wanter her to bring back some lunch. which gotten me to thinking just how much i adore her. and i will count the ways:
1. she laughs whenever i make a lame spasm joke
2. she brings me lunch when i’m really quite busy
3. she’s the cutest girl on earth™
4. she makes a grand entrance into my cube every morning kinda like kramer did on seinfeld, but with more grace and style
5. there is no five
6. she likes rufus wainwright, ben folds, and the flying tomato and weezer
7. we have the same taste in men
8. she has endless North Dakotan goodness
9. when we were in canada she found the only other replacements fan who works at our company so he and i could talk
10. she says things like goodness gracious
11. she’s the third person i ever met who knows the band Self
12. i could go on and on but i have to do work, all the time today with the work. i guess it’s kinda fun, but i don’t want to make a habit with the utter busyness of the all the work

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  1. Charles 22.Feb.06 at 4:38 pm

    Wow–that is alot of awesome stuff.

    Ummm…number 8…

    Amazing what a difference one “m” makes.


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