an orgasm to the rescue

if my left eye does not shoot from my skull taking my glasses with it within the next 2 hours i will be surprised. i’ve got a viscious headache and i really want to start punching people in the neck. i’m not sure what brought this thing on. if i knew i would go back in time and not do whatever it was.

i’m so desperate that me, ms. i don’t take painkillers because i’m afraid they will kill off my body’s natural painkillers, took some drugs of some sort. i think they might have been advil. but that was an entire hour and 20 minutes ago. and the pain, it is still here.

so then i tried to do some deep breathing and will the pain away. but my headache it is stubborn. then i tried to fool it into thinking i wasn’t even noticing it because i had so much to do and that so much to do involved cleaning off my desk. but the headache has more tenacity than my attention span. i’ve drank a bunch of water, and had some tea and still the pain persists.

now i am listening to Andrew Bird at a reasonable volume hoping he can lull the pain away. and if that doesn’t work, i’m going home and totally practicing my fool head off. because when all else fails, an orgasm usually puts everything right.

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  1. Megan 01.Feb.06 at 8:15 pm

    Acupressure usually works for me!


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