march of the penguins or when two supergeniuses collide


the sisterclub christmas tradition usually includes presents/brunch in the morning followed by a break where everyone goes home to nap, and then in the evening we get together for a simple dinner, wine, and games. this year there was a small break in the plan since the fabulous becker boys went to the becker house and stayed to watch the vikings lose to the ravens. the rest of the sister club, however, gathered back at sister #2’s to uphold the family tradition.

first there was the connect four tournament. i got knocked out in the first round and sister #4 went on to become the grand champion. this was kind of ironic since i was like 29-2 in regular, pre-tournament play.

however that was just a warm up to the true gaming that was to follow. princess jaycie got a kids’ trivial pursuit game from her grandma and begged to play it. we, of course, couldn’t wait. we’re a trivial pursuit kind of family. we quickly paired off, sister #4 and the princess, sister #2 and the stink, and me and max.

the problem with playing kids’ trivial pursuit isn’t the easy, peasy questions. it isn’t helping new-readers sound words out. nope, the problem with playing kids’ trivial pursuit is that you cannot trash talk. trash talking is our favorite part of playing games. but when you have a 7 and 8-year-old playing along with you there is a lot of talk about good sportsmanship and what constitutes good sportsmanship.

according to jaycie, shouting “THAT’S SO EASY!” before answering the question is not good sportsmanship. neither is jumping up and high-fiving your partner after answering a question right, or claiming mm, mm that’s some tasty pie after winning a piece of green pie.

following all those rules was not easy for the supergenius duo of me and maxwell puff n stuff. because the questions were SO EASY!

sure, sure it was kids’ trivial pursuit, but i let max answer most of the questions, and that kid knows his shit. he knew that a shark’s skin feels like sandpaper (and not the smooshy jello i wanted to answer with), and that a healthy platypus tail is fat and strong (i think, i can’t really remember the correct answer max knew it). he knew entirely more about animals than i ever knew. it was amazing.

and so damn fun.

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