i’m gonna be your number one

max, jaycie, and i had just piled into ruby and i quick turned her on so we could get some heat going. we had just escaped from the hell that is Michaels. we were gathering supplies to make christmas cards. . . that’s right if i got your address you’re getting a homemade christmas card this year. are you so excited you could pee your pants?

so anyway as we all wrestled with out seatbelts, jaycie asked if she could turn up the radio.

“sure,” i said, trying to buckle max in. “it’s that button.”
“the tide is high and i’m holding on, i’m gonna be your number one, number onnneeee,” she started singing.
“you know this song?” i asked.
“yeah,” she said. “courtney and emma and me sing it all the time.”
“shut up, really?”
“yeah,” she said.
“this was my most favorite song when i was just a little older than you.”
“really? this song is that old?”
“it’s pretty old.”

i turned the radio up as loud as max would let me. somewhere around 22 he started to whimper and cover his ears. jaycie and i sang along to the Blondie song. i have the coolest niece in the whole wide world i thought. really, how many seven-year-olds can sing along with Blondie songs? After it was over some crappy song came on, so we just turned it down.

“you know someone else sings that song too,” jaycie said.
“hilary duff sings that song too.”
“blondie is cooler,” i said.
“yeah that one sounded cooler.”

she rocks.

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  1. Emma 04.Dec.04 at 4:04 pm

    Aw..and I want a little bit of the Max n Jaycie Christmas love card goodness

  2. jodi 04.Dec.04 at 7:37 pm

    send me your address!

  3. Emma 04.Dec.04 at 9:05 pm


    thanks Jodi! It will surely make my day when it arrives. 🙂 You rock.
    P.S. send max n jacyie’s address on the envelope and i’ll be sure to send a sweet reply…possibly candy. ha

  4. Damon 04.Dec.04 at 10:17 pm

    There really is something just so cute about a 7 year old singing along to Blondie. (Even if they pick it up from Radio Disney or wherever they heard Duff)

    Sometimes I wonder if they purposely pick the songs which the new teenie-bopper pop artists cover so that the parents already “know” the song?

  5. dietcokegurl 05.Dec.04 at 1:08 pm

    As usual an adorable story!
    I thought of you this morning when my brakes went out on my car and made the most horrible noise EVER heard from a car made after 1979. I had to “put on my big girl pants” and take care of the problem all by myself. BUT, I said “Jodi would be able to do this will little difficulty” and you helped push me onward.
    Thanks, Sunshine.

  6. jodi 05.Dec.04 at 6:51 pm

    actually, i would do it with much teeth gnashing and rending of garments. then when the hysteria died down, i’d put on the biggirl pants and deal with it.


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