cherry is not lime

i was so distracted by the ice-covered roads, my traveling anxiety, my lateness, and my general crappy mood that when i was at the gas station today i grabbed the wrong diet coke. if i were a weaker person i would be weeping. diet coke with cherry is some of the most vile stuff i’ve ever put in my mouth. ever. and i’ve put some pretty vile people stuff in there in the past.

you know what this means? it means there are entirely too many diet cokes out there. really there only needs to be two. regular diet coke and diet coke with lime. the rest of them can go right to hell.

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  1. Nick 29.Nov.05 at 3:37 pm

    I agree. Chick-fil-a has even been replacing regular diet coke with caffine free diet coke. That ticks me off.

  2. UH 29.Nov.05 at 4:18 pm

    At least they’re phasing out DC with vanilla, so there’s one less thing to worry about.


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