the cookie fallout continues

the cookie/vagina/sex connection continues to wreck havoc on my psyche and in my life. i was just reading a comment by ‘the cookie monster’ when it all came flooding back to me, my college nickname. the horror!

when i was in college i got myself the nickname cookie chromey. because my friend meathead johnson thought it sounded so perky and so much like me. he imagined me going on to a great career in meterology as the weather girl for some TV station in West Virginia or something. i think johnson called me cookie for the rest of our college careers. sometimes he’d just call me cook for short. i got the name because, well, i wanted a cookie. he and skal were going up to one of the cafeteria’s in Davies Center. the one we always called little nicaragua, which had the best cookies ever. ever! so when they left they asked if i wanted anything. i, of course, wanted a cookie. hence the nickname.

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