when the going gets tough, the tough listen to paul westerberg songs and cry like a baby

pity the neighbors. i’m sitting on the couch listening to Roland II and belting out St. Paul Westerberg’s “Born for Me” as if my life depended on it. i can’t resist singing the part that goes:
i can’t bear to, try and share you . . .when you forget me, then you late me, fade away, you’ll always BEEEeeEEEE born for me

i think the de-stressification of the supergenius is nearly complete. after the cookies and greasy pad thai, i jumped into a hot shower to scrub the stench of work stress from my body. the stink has been replaced with the stink of Johnson & Johnson’s Bedtime Bath cranky baby formula. i love that stuff. it really does help soothe cranky babies. i can testify to that.

then i retired to the fabulous blue couch wearing my pajamas (yes, you could get me on a technicality because i don’t wear pajamas to bed, but rather wear them before bed and often right after getting out of bed. they are transitionary clothes), which tonight consist of grey shorts and my paul westerberg t-shirt which is the cloth equivalent of a hug. i’ve sent a few e-mails, sang a few songs, chatted with a few friends. and soon, soon i will head to the boudoir for practice and the reading of the fabulous new Aimee Bender book Willful Creatures. then i will drift off into beautiful stress-free slumber and awaken tomorrow morning clear-headed and radiant with butterflies and birds chirping about my sunny bedroom.

you will notice nowhere do i mention the packing of stuff or the doing of work late into the night. see? that’s some healthy taking care of myself going on right there. see that? do you?

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