while i am most thankful that pms decided to not rear its ugly head until the day before my period, it doesn’t make today any more enjoyable. in fact it’s downright excruciating. i’m one long, large, exposed nerve. a nerve that is constantly on the verge of either bursting into tears or biting your head right off. i can’t tell which monster will rear it’s ugly head until my mouth is already open. which leaves me apologizing quite a bit today.

the only thing keeping me from fashioning a crude noose out of braided rubber bands and paper clips, are the MP3s from the pantages’ shows. there’s a spot in “waitress in the sky” where he tells the audience to “take it” and you just here us singing the next verse. it still sorta gives me goosebumps.

also, my stomach hurts, which clearly means i have a stress-induced ulcer.

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