cartoon tress cannot conceal it

i began my descent into hell around 10:40 a.m. it got even hellier by around noon. when people die and go to hell, i’m sure they spend a lot of time in long meetings about big projects that have to be done by friday. projects they’ve already worked on and thought were nearly complete only to have the direction totally change. i’m sure there’s a room in hell for that, right next to the room where people gather who want ice water.

to make hell a little more bearable, i decided to have thai food for lunch (and i’ll be having thai food for dinner too, because damnit when you spend $14 on lunch you should get two meals out of it). now my brain has melted from the pad thai and is running out my nose and i feel like i can face the day. or die trying.

also, i had a dream last night where The New Crush was merged with The Old Crush (in this case the old crush is sweet rob the writing teacher) and these crushes were in a setting that involved a little-house on the prairie type schoolhouse, the Minnesota State Fair (which begins on thursday), my blue-eyed twin daughters, and the band the white stripes.

those were the coherent parts. the rest, it did not makes sense.

but i am still grinning about the new crush and even seamus busted me but i did not say anything.

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