a quickie for wendy, because she asked about this photo

this here is nolan, he’s almost 2 — star of jaycie and max’s soon-to-be-filmed movie “Nolie’s Motion Picture” (they plan on “Nolie’s Motion Picture 2 to come in 2007, they are just waiting to find a camera that can take videos — jaycie’s the writer and max is the director, they will tell you all about this if you ask).

as you can see Nolie has a stick in his mouth. this is not a food-on-a-stick stick, this is just a plain old stick that he found on the ground. my mom tried about 32 times to take it away from him. once she finally wrestled it from his grasp, he went and found another stick, and promptly put it in his mouth.

“might as well let him have the other one back,” i said. “he’s probably already sucked all the germs off of it.”
“it’s probably the healthiest thing he’ll eat all day,” my mom said, handing the stick back to Nolie.

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