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i have fair stories to tell and no time to tell them. at least not yet. it’s only noon and so far i’ve cancelled my electricity, phone & dsl, renter’s insurance, and booked the movers. phew. i’ve hit a moving snafu with the property management company for my apartment. they claim to have never received my notice to vacate. i called, beause my mom asked me about it yesterday and i realized that i hadn’t heard anything from them. now they want me to pay october’s rent. sheyah.

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  1. heather 31.Aug.05 at 2:22 pm

    i don’t know what the laws are like down there (or your specific agreement), but if you only have to give one-month’s notice then you have until midnight tonight to tell them (err, inform them in writing) you’ll give up possession the last day of september.

    of course, you’ll still have to pay the rent for the whole month, but that’s better than having to pay october, too, right?


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