i bet my money on the bob-tailed nag

Bet My Money on the Bob-tailed Nag

last night the sister club ventured out to Canterbury Downs in Shakopee to watch the horse races and take advantage of $1 night. we usually only make it out to the races once a year, but i guess we’re going next week too for Uncle Wayne’s birthday.

max, jaycie, and i tried to recreate the magic of our last trip to the races, but were not as successful.

Super Max

we did win the first race, betting on a horse called Taco Caliente. but then we hit a tough sreak, and jaycie started to worry a little. see, we have a deal that we don’t get any ice cream until we win enough money to pay for the ice cream. jaycie takes the ice cream and the winning quite seriously.

Jaycie's Favorite Shoes

even when her mom, sister #2, went to go get some ice cream, jaycie insisted that she would wait until we won. even though we had already lost two races in a row, she had faith in our horse picking abiliies.

and she’s smart cookie! because in the 5th race our horses came in. of course, everyone won something that race. there was a horse called Nowan racing, of course we all bet on it, because Cade pronounces Nolan’s name as Nowan. but max and i also decided to do a side bet, going against the crowd and betting on Loup de Loup, bringing our total winnings for just that race to $7.60. we choose peppermint bon bon and chocolate.

On Top of the World

it really was a grand beautiful minnesota night, made all the grander by running into BFK with her husband and kids Jake and Maddy. jake is the little boy with the orangiest hair on the planet. i wanted to eat him right up, he was wearing a Superman baseball cap and a Spiderman t-shirt, and proceeded to tell me how much he loves his Superman movie because there is so much zooming. then a few races later, Al, the cutest girl on earth™ and her hubby dropped in for a bit.

i had so much fun i wish you all could have been there.

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  1. PeeWee 29.Jul.05 at 5:15 pm

    So, a Superman hat, a Superman T-shirt and a Superman tattoo.
    I think you covered every base with that group.