an evening of decadence in which i can’t seem to stop crying

since i had the big creative breakthrough this afternoon, i decide to cater to my every whim tonight. so far that has included a divine dinner featuring veggie burgers, baked potatoes, and asparagus, washed down with chocolate milk. then there was some sitting around in the underpants reading an old issue of the The New Yorker, followed by a homemade brownie sundae and a viewing of “Almost Famous.” of course, i started to cry when i sang along with “Tiny Dancer.” i always cry at that part. i’m not sure if it’s the beauty of the scene or out of embarrassment that i’m singing along.

the problem however is th that i haven’t been able to stop crying. my eyes are swollen, itchy and sort of burny. i think it might be my usually latent cat allergies suddenly flaring up. i look terrible and i feel like i have a few grains of sand in each eye. i’ll probably be blind by morning.

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