singable songs for the happy & relaxed*

today the sun is shining and i’m spinning some singable songs as i copywrite, copywriter, and then copywrite a little more. i feel so good though because the hell project that took up 3 weeks of my time and most of my sleep has disappeared. it’s not done, but i don’t have to do it anymore, which is all that matters.

so i present to you, singable songs for the happy & relaxed and the parts that i cannot resist singing out loud in a most annoying manner:
• C’mon, C’mon, C’mon – Paul Westerberg: “a woman’s place ain’t in the house, but that joker ain’t learned it yet, slap the taste right out of his mouth. . .”
• Seein’ Her – Paul Westerberg: “yeah, it’s true, making love to you, i’m seein’ her. everything about her, i like everything about her”
• Stain Yer Blood – Paul Westerberg: “they’re gonna talk about us, they’re gonna stare when we walk by, they’re gonna talk about us for the first time in our lives”
• Living Room – Tegan & Sara: “i hope i never figure out who broke your heart, and if i do, if i do, well i’ll spend all night losing sleep”
• Girlfriend in a Coma – The Smiths: “there were times when i could have murdered her, but you know i would hate anything to happen her, no i don’t want to see her”
• Get a Life and Live it – The Queers: (thanks Zook) “you fucking jerk you got your dick in your hand, and i’m fucking sick of hearing you whine about everyone who’s wasting your time”
• See You Later Fuckface – The Queers: “see you later fuckface, see you later fuckface, see you in the funny pages, fuck you, see you later fuckface, we hate you”
• Sheela-Na-Gig – PJ Harvey: (thanks Natalie “look at these my child-bearing hips, look at these my ruby red ruby lips, look at these my work strong arms, and you’ve got to see my bottle full of charm”
• I Should Have Been There to Inspire You – Paul Weller: “i could have been there within your reach, this is not self pity of which i speak”
• Shilo – Neil Diamond: “had a dream that filled me with wonder, she had other plans”
• Ocean Breathes Salty – Modest Mouse: “well that is that and this is this, you tell me what you want and i’ll tell you what you get, you get away from me”
• Think of Me – The Eyeliners: “why did you act like you’d fill me up when all you wanted was to take me down, i hope you think of me when you’re burning in hell”
• Dead Flowers – The Rolling Stones: “take me down little susie, take me down, i know you think you’re the queen of the underground”
Keepaway – Self: “what’s minimum wage for a damsel in distress, baby i could offer you some better benefits”
• Jason Lee – All Girl Summer Fun Band: “jason lee, doing kickflips in my dreams, jason leeeeeeeeee”

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  1. jodi 23.May.05 at 4:40 pm

    *seamus told me today that i looked happy and relaxed. then he asked me if i got laid. “thank you. no,” i said.

  2. Tam 23.May.05 at 6:50 pm

    My favorite Queers song are great to sing along to – “Make Me Wanna Puke” and “Drop The Attitude, F*cker”. REALLY great for – oh, I don’t know – MONDAYS FROM HELL?

    If I could listen to music and do my job at the same time, I would have totally blasted those from the speakers this AM.