the funkdoobiest

the date on the calendar tells me that, yes, it is in fact time for me to go crazy. and i’m doing a pretty damn good job of it. irrationality, how i love thee. today, already, i’ve nearly burst into tears talking about catalog copy and i wanted to quit my job because i suddenly feel so very under-appreciated. which seems to be the theme of this month’s dance with hormonal psychosis. nobody apprecites me for my unique brand of wonderfulness. and you know what? they can all just suck it.

to make up for all this underappreciation and bitter resentment towards mankind i’ve taken to listening to the carpenters. well, not really the carpenters, but the “if i was a carpenter” album. it’s making everything just the teenist bit tolerable.

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  1. Winston Smith 26.Apr.05 at 2:30 pm

    Wow. Same schedule as my wife, aka the goofy goddess. Something in the water?