love is eating cold macaroni and cheese


on saturday the sisterclub and various hangers-on (by that i mean kidlings, spouses and spouses to be) ventured to the mall to get yet another family picture taken. yes, it was only a mere three years ago. but we’ve added three new members to the fam since then and apparently three is the magic number.

as far as family picture taking goes, this wasn’t so hellish. though i felt like all-time queen of the dorks when she had us group up by ‘sub-family’ she wanted to make sure all the kids were by the appropriate parents and couples were together.

then there was me. the cheese, always standing alone. i forced joviality well and made the spinster/old maid joke before anyone else could. strike first, that’s my motto. next time i’m just gonna rent a random stranger and call them lover for the family pictures.

after that we had a minor meltdown when trying to pick a location for dinner. it wasn’t so much that we couldn’t make a decision more like all the decision we made were quickly negated by the restaurant of choice. apparently it’s difficult to find a table for 12 on a saturday afternoon. who knew?

we finally ended up at an Olive Garden not far from the mall, where Nolie proceeded to cover me in chocolate milk and feed me cold macaroni and cheese. sister #3 said it’s the best he behaved in a restaurant ever.

i think it’s because he loves me.

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  1. lori 25.Apr.05 at 7:32 am

    Which one is you? I thought you were really tall. Is your sister that tall, too? Your family looks like lots of fun & you’re lucky to have so many sisters with kidlings! Big families make me jealous.

  2. jodi 25.Apr.05 at 7:35 am

    i am the one in the back, but i’m squatting/kneeling on a box so that i fit in with the rest of the family.

  3. Lori 25.Apr.05 at 6:24 pm

    Oh. Geez. I thought surely you had just been exaggerating your height for comedic effect. They actually made you kneel on a box? I’m sorry. That sounds harsh.

  4. jodi 25.Apr.05 at 7:52 pm

    it was harsh and i thought of suing them for such a cruel punshiment. but then i forgot about it. and i’m not exaggerating, sadly in this case the comedic effect is pure truth.