the all-new dilemmas of a thourghly modern, slightly scary fangirl

so say you were an average supergenius, like, say, me, and you were planning a little road trip to go see your all time favorite besterberg singer ever. say on this journey that you might want to take a few photographic images to remind you of the good times you will have likely forgotten in your drunken haze. so say, you being an average supergenius, had a superrad nice digital camera that you loved. say also that the camera that you loved also weighed about as much as a rhinoceros and there was no way in hell you could just slip that behemouth in your pocket. remember the drunken haze part? we don’t want a big expensive camera we have to be careful with.

so say would you just blow like $250 on a new little, teeny, tiny camera that you could wear as like an earring? or would you be nice and repsonsible and save your money like you should be?

p.s. we’d totally be buying a camera that used the same kind of memory that the current rhino uses because, well, we’re not that irresponsible.

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  1. Damon 21.Mar.05 at 3:42 pm

    As long as it uses the same memory, I’d say go for it. Use different tools for different tasks. I think there is room for most of us to have two, if not three cameras. (One on the cell phone, one point-n-shoot and a third SLR/big rhino)

  2. dietcokegurl 21.Mar.05 at 4:11 pm

    Abso-fuckin-lutely. Need you ask?This is Paul, after all. $250 comes and goes, pics of Paul are forever.

  3. Jeff Left 22.Mar.05 at 2:35 am

    (i) pics on mwt.
    (ii) $250 better spent on road trip.
    (iii) quality of cam, getting it inside & using it, lighting & pov will become issues.
    (iv) takes away too much sound and visual enjoyment time. like having to pee or reloading your drink. time better spent, eyes forward, living in the moment.

    Portland show, I had to return my dig. cam to my car, but I did get my phone cam in. 24 shots, 1 security incident & too much wasted time for the garbage results. zoom w/ flash phonecam.

  4. jodi 22.Mar.05 at 8:12 am

    jeff you make a mighty compelling case. but it’s a teeny, tiny digital elph the size of a deck of cards. don’t you think that will be smugglable?

  5. Jeff Left 22.Mar.05 at 2:44 pm

    jodi, yes, you would probably be able to get it in. but that doesn’t take away from turning the show into a photo project. something like, oh, oh… he’s playing iwd, i’ve got to a pic of him playing this song. i don’t know what the milwk. & chic. venues are like, sitting or standing, but do you really want to spent showtime trying to get a memorable pic? i would have my dig. cam ready, stored in the car or a cheap, but decent disposable 35mm that you can probably smuggle in… but wait for the meet & greet. There’s a good chance that there’ll be one, after one of the shows you heading to.


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