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sometimes it’s really hard to write when the thing that’s playing biggest (TPoIWCS) on your mind is the one thing that you really cannot, should not write about. such self-censoring seems to clog up all the other things that you could still say, leaving you utterly pointless and emotionally constipated. it sorta sucks a giant fatty, no? soon, i am sure, things will get better and then there will be no need for censorship and that will be a glorious and happy day for the internet’s sweetheart.

in other news, i am really quite tired. i didn’t sleep well last week and i think it’s still sort of wrecking havoc on my system. lucky for me i have big plans of doing laundry and napping on today’s agenda, and at this point the laundry is looking a bit iffy. the nap though, that’s a shoo-in for the definitely gonna happen list.

i figure i’m gonna need all the naps i can get, just to face this week. it’s going to be long and emotionally something else. . . what with the election on tuesday, the dentist on wednesday, class thursday and then paul westerberg fridaysaturdayandsunday. . . my stomach starts to shake a little just thinking about it all.

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  1. Damon 31.Oct.04 at 10:53 pm

    I’ve noticed as well that the self-censoring seems to cause a logjam of thoughts which non-related thoughts have a hard time passing by.
    I finally came up with a solution, tho. I write about the self-censored issue and just leave it in “Draft” mode. I consider that eventually, some day in the future, it may be possible to publish all of the previous thoughts I had on the subject. I end up still getting the thoughts out, written down, letting my other thoughts come forward unhindered.


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