preparing for the upcoming season

first of all, have i mentioned lately how much i dislike the music of nick cave? they keep playing him on the radio and i just want to hacchhkk ptewie all over the place.

second of all, in honor of the upcoming greenbag starburst jellybeans season i have decided to get my addictive personality in shape by coveting most sinfully the tropical fruits starburst fruit chews in the green packaging. i swipe a pack of these from the bowling alley every week. then i promptly forget i swiped them until about tuesday night, at which point i discover them languishing at the bottom of my bag. then i tear them open with gusto, unwrapping each delicious square of fruit chewy goodness as fast as i can. i then consume them as quickly as possible lest some starburst stealing spirit try to get one. i’m doing pretty good with the pumping up of the addiction, because i noticed tonight as i was finishing off a mango-melon (my favorite) equilateral of exquisiteness, i noticed that i couldn’t get the next one open fast enough and my hands began to shake at the possibility that my mouth would be denied fruit-flavor for an entire 20 seconds in a row. but then i got it opened and life was good.

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  1. Damon 09.Feb.05 at 3:04 am

    I honestly just gobbled down two whole packages of the Tropical Starburst chews while I was working tonight.

    I hadn’t had them in years, forgot how much yummier they were than the original flavored Starburst chews. I dunno if I can choose one flavor in particular, tho, they are all so yummy. If forced, I may say that the dark red is my favorite, only because I believe it has the strongest tartness/punch when you first place it in your mouth.

  2. UH 09.Feb.05 at 8:39 am

    How long do you chew a Starburst before you swallow it? This has always been a point of contention around here. I say it should be at least a full minute, until the candy is completely saturated and soft; others say it can be swallowed as soon as the corners are gone and it’s no longer sticking in the teeth.

  3. Damon 09.Feb.05 at 1:02 pm

    I eat Starbursts the same way I eat most chewy candy. I chew it a little, soften it up, then press it against the roof of my mouth. There it stays, slowly melting, until it is nearly gone. When a tiny little bit remains, I mate it with another piece of chewy candy and relodge the combined mass back again on the roof of my mouth.