praying for snow

i keep crossing across the living room to peek out the patio door. i’m waiting for it to start snowing. we’re supposed to have a great gob of snow falling here in the not too distant future. i’m hoping for gobs and gobs of snow, so i can work from home claiming “bad roads” were keeping me from the office.

this has been the longest week in the history of weeks and there is still one more day. i can’t handle it.

in other news i have found a nick cave song that not only can i tolerate, i actually enjoy. it’s called “into my arms.” it’s pretty you should seek it out.

in still other news, my dearest Uncouth Heathen, if you get a small bag filled with pink jellybeans in the mail, they are from me and they all taste like dish soap. my advice is to not eat them with choclate milk because they don’t taste so good together (oh and also, i just got one, the fucker got by me).

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  1. Karen 18.Mar.05 at 6:01 pm

    If you like ‘Into My Arms’ you’ll probably like the duet he did with Kylie Minogue some years ago called ‘Where the Wild Roses Grow’. I’m not a real fan of Nick Cave but I like both these songs 🙂

  2. UH 18.Mar.05 at 8:55 pm

    Oh, joy! I never got icky candy in the mail before – this should be a new experience!