winter makes her grand entrance

i just got home from work. please note that it’s a friday and i am home and it’s not even 7:30 p.m. the weather is so bad that bowling was cancelled. there’s about six inches of snow on the ground now. the fact that MPR kept saying over and over that this is the latest ever in the history of Minnesota for our first inch-plus snow fall, did not make my hour-plus commute home any easier.

i get really wigged out when i have to drive in bad weather. it all stems from the death of sister #2’s best friend some 13 years ago. jill was driving home from a friend’s house on christmas eve, hit a patch of ice and ran into a Suburban. she wasn’t going more than 30 mph. her boyfriend was killed instantly, jill lingered in a coma for a week before she died. thus the impetus of my wiggedness.

but i am home now. the cats and i have food, the sweatlodge is a steamy 80 degrees and we got a red envelope from Netflix. i don’t plan on leaving the house at all tomorrow.

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  1. UH 21.Jan.05 at 11:07 pm

    EIGHTY? Jeebus. You’d better be nekkid.

    (and if you are, send me pix!)