easy come easy go

i made it my new year’s resolution to go out and see author’s read. i don’t think i’ve been to a reading since sweet rob read at the loft like a year ago. so, i made plans to go out tonight and see Pete Hautmann discuss his book Godless. but it was bone crackingly cold out (-9 with a windchill of -30 as i type). this is the kind of cold, for you warm climaters that puts a shiver in your bones that you can’t get rid of until may.

staying home with no plans has given me time to mull over my current state of affairs.

i’m still a little shell-shocked from the recent nonfiring. it’s always weird to be the one left behind. if i can say anything about the new company it’s that they do layoffs very well.

at Hell, Inc. layoffs were done early in the morning and the layoffees were gone before you even knew they were being laid off. the new company let people know, let them wander around the office saying goodbye, clean out their desks without armed HR guards, that kind of stuff. it was, if layoffs can ever be, nice. because, there are some coworkers that you absolutely adore from 9-5, but you know that outside of those hours there’s nothing you have in common. the chance of seeing them again are slim to none. so it’s really nice to get a chance to say goodbye.

also, the new company had one of the grand high poobahs sit down with each of the survivors and talk. we had a chance to ask questions, voice concerns, blah, blah, blah.

i went into my meeting with the GHP uncharacteristically optimistic. he asked me if i had any questions, and i didn’t, really. i mean i had a lot of questions, i told him, but they were tactical, what are we gonna do type questions. things he couldn’t answer.

basically, i told him, i’m ready to get started. i told him i thought of today as the first day of a new job. because, really, it is. he was a little taken aback, i think, by my attitude. i told him that i’ve been through two other layoffs and they suck.

somehow we got to talking about this and that and the other thing and the question that i had foremost on my mind came out.

“why me?”

then he told me what shaky macdogal told me when he called yesterday, what he told me again at happy hour last night, he told me what FFJ told me last night on the way to bookclub, and he told me what my friend Damon told me.

he told me that i was good and i knew my stuff and they couldn’t instantly replace me with someone who has the knowledge that i have. he said good writers were hard to find and when you had a good one you try to keep them.

and you know what, they’re damn right.

of course that hasn’t stopped my remaining coworkers from giving me unending shit and calling Corporate Girl. on the international guys has taken to striking some weird superhero pose whenever i approach and shouting ba-ba-bum. . . CORPORATE GIRL!

so yeah, things might start being fun again.

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  1. Thomas 14.Jan.05 at 12:32 pm

    Jodi Chromey, you are a superhero. Your talents are endless and stretch beyond writing. I may not tell you so much anymore because people said I was creepy, and asshole, a bad influence, and a slew of other things sent to my personal email account (and at least one phone call in the evening from someone who was quite upset with me), but I think you’re one of the rockstars of the writing world.

    Just put your arms out there and fly, Supergirl.