three years of peanutty goodness


on friday while i was up to my ears in shock and working and the bowling alley, my beloved little redhaired peanut, cade, turned 3-years-old. yesterday the sister club and family gathered together at the bowling alley to celebrate the peanut and nolie’s birthdays. the poor kids will always have to share a birthday. it’s hard to have sympathy for them when you consider sister #4 and i share a birthday, sisters #2 and #3’s birthdays are only 10 days apart, and jaycie and max’s birthdays are something like 23 days apart. we are a family of birthday sharers.

the peanut’s absolute favorite thing on earth is bowling. he bowled for two hours straight. he loves it. it’s the most adorable, amazing thing on earth. while the older kids tired quickly of the bowling, he kept at it. he didn’t even want to stop for the cake and the presents. if he had it his way, he’d have bowled until he dropped. but his mom made him open gifts, with a color commentary provided by max, age 6.

as the peanut took out the first gift, max announced to the crowd what it was.
“clothes, BOOO,” max shouted.
“more clothes,” max said as cade opened the next gift. “wow, this is a bad birthday.”
“ok,” max said. “he got a truck. it’s going to be ok.”

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  1. damon 16.Jan.05 at 11:22 am

    I’m glad he calmed everyone down after the truck was opened…otherwise who knows what kind of mob could have formed!

    A birthday without toys is hardly a birthday at all.


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