the good girl scout

principessa jaycie is in the girl scouts. she loves it quite a bit and will talk about it incessantly if given the chance. last night, sister #2 was telling me about the upcoming cookie drive.

ms. jaycie is taking her selling quite seriously and has a goal of selling 100 boxes this year. she’s also got a plan to help give cookies to those in need. jaycie told sister #2 that when she asks someone to buy cookies she will also ask them if they want to buy an extra box to donate to the poor people, because poor people would like cookies too. jaycie is most excited to be able to bring the boxes to the agency that sister #2 works for and give cookies to the people who can’t afford them.

sister #2 was so damn proud, because jaycie came up with idea on her own, that i thought she was gonna bust right through the phone.

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  1. Suzy 13.Jan.05 at 11:50 am

    What a great idea. Are you going to set up a paypal button or something similar to collect donations? I can’t eat the cookies because of a dreaded wheat flour allergy, but I fully support others right to eat such goodies!

  2. Damon 13.Jan.05 at 12:59 pm

    That is such a wonderful plan. It is so wonderful to see someone young showing such concern for the less fortunate.

  3. Calli 16.Jan.05 at 12:33 am

    What an extraordinary, kind-hearted niece you have. I’d buy a few boxes for her to give away if I were employed and not broke right now. 🙂


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