current crushes, a list by the girl who likes to make inane lists

webboy, because he made me laugh so hard at lunch that my forehead hit the table and stuff shot from my nose.
Hershey’s Take 5 candybars. forgive me darling ones for i have sinned. i told myself i could never, ever buy another one of these chocolate covered crack confections, but when i went to the gas station today to get some cash and diet coke with lime there they were starring up at me in the 2 for $1 bin. what do you expect of me? i am only human.
Max Tivoli
Tito because he was talking about Max.
sister #2 because she was telling me how “i just want to help the world. . .” and then she paused for two beats “be more like me.”
pork chops, they are the other white meat
the phrases “dick cheese” and “booger breath”
the perfectly cubed cube of silly putty sitting on my desk (it’s seamus’ silly putty, i just have temporary custody)
ted leo and the pharmacists

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