if you got the money honey, we got your disease

my living room has turned into some sort of tropical jungle swamp. it’s 80 fucking degrees in here (and the heat is off) and the entire living room carpet is wet, like step-on-it-water-squishing-up-between-your-toes wet. right now it looks like one of those dance mats with the footprint on it that teach how to do the watusi or something. because my big wet footprints are all over the damn place.

also, i have not waxed spoojeriffic about 89.3 The Current in at least 24 hours and you should know that they have a live stream and they just played the jayhawks’ “I’d Run Away” and you really have no excuse on earth not to listen to it. look what you’re missing!

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  1. Thomas 27.Jan.05 at 10:17 am

    I suppose you’ve call your apartment folks and let them know there’s a problem, correct? It sounds bad… Like hot water pipe bursted bad…