four more days four more days four more days until christmas break

i’m a little excited by the upcoming christmas break. i get to take an entire ELEVEN DAYS IN A ROW off from Hell, Inc. ELEVEN! it’s going to give me some kinda good practice for unemployment. i can’t hardly wait.

of course i am focusing all my attention on the upcoming break and totally ignoring my complete and utter lack of anything even resembling readiness for the actual christmas holiday. though, i did buy cheese and crackers, my contribution to the holiday table. in fact, i have made a conscious decision to make it the most hellish holiday shopping experience on earth by waiting until wednesday to finish up. how’s that for masochism? besides, i figure it’ll give me something to write about.

now here are two questions you can help me with darling ones.
1.) this is the minion’s last week at Hell, Inc. they are not renewing her contract (boo). so as the evil overlord who has ruled her working day with an iron fist, do i get her a going-away/christmas gift?
2.) this one is for the girls: when it’s really cold out and your car hasn’t totally warmed up, do you drive one-handed while shoving the other hand between your legs to keep it warm? inqurining minds want to know if i’m the only weirdo who does this.

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  1. wolfdog 20.Dec.04 at 7:37 am

    I prefer keeping both hands warm (one under each thigh) and attempting to drive with my knees. But that might not be the most intelligent thing I do.

  2. Thomas 20.Dec.04 at 8:22 am

    When you take your Elven days off of work, that includes the obligatory wearing of the pointed ears, right?

    The minion should get a $5 – $10 gift. A pen would be nice. A deep soul kiss wouldn’t be.

  3. Wendy 20.Dec.04 at 9:04 am

    Hand always between my legs when I drive, ESPECIALLY when it’s really cold out.

  4. PeeWee 20.Dec.04 at 12:39 pm

    yep, warming the hand between the thighs. I have been doing that forever.

  5. the other jodi 20.Dec.04 at 4:49 pm

    yes, hand between thighs. however, i recently bought some bright stripey mittens at target, with “leather” pads on the palms to prevent steering wheel slippage. so i’ve been using those.

  6. dietcokegurl 20.Dec.04 at 8:05 pm

    For Minion’s gift I’d do a B&N gift certificate. If she’s not a reader, she can regift it.

    Hand between thighs, naturally. No boyfriend, cold day, certainly not going to let that warmth go to waste.

  7. dweebie 22.Dec.04 at 10:37 am

    Yes hands between legs. Also, before cds, the cassette player in the car would be too cold to work, which required sitting on the tapes until warm enough to play. Nowadays it seems like on really cold mornings the cd player won’t pull the cd in, until it warms up, but maybe that’s because my car and cd player are 10 years old.


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