yet another weird dream in a week filled with weirder and weirder dreams

last night i dreamt my life was a soap opera. or something close to it. for some reason i was dating opie from the bowling alley. only opie was played by someone else and not the actual opie. my freind seamus was in the dream and so was mark hagan a boy i went to high school with.

there was some party going on. seamus who was actually played by my friend snoop robbie rob was laying on my stomach telling me something. i’m not sure what. in the dream he was dating mark. mark brought a basket of muffins to the party. the basket was decorated with unicorns.

something went down at the party. some sort of drinking and/or drugging of some sort. when i woke up in the morning, seamus was dead and everyone was saying opie, my boyfriend, had killed him.

so i did what any girl does. i went to church. the chruch was filled with young girls in white filmy dresses. i was wearing normal clothes. some nun, dressed in white, announced that seamus was dead and that opie had killed him. i started howling. i curled up on the floor of the church and then opie was there, spooning up behind me on the floor. he held me in his arms and said, no, no, i did not kill seamus. i did not.

then i had to get up and go to the bathroom (in the dream) and i saw seamus come out of the basement. he was wearing a yellow shirt. he was followed by a girl. they were laughing about how they had pulled one over on us. i tried to figure out where they were going so i could tell the police when they came to arrest opie. i tried to keep track of all the clues since i couldn’t really hear what seamus was saying.

then i woke up and really had to go to the bathroom.

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