the chiliwinkers come to rome

the chiliwinkers, a name that i have giving my writing group, has just departed the fortress of supergeniushood. i’m a little sad. i wanted them to stay forever. i wanted them to move in and be my roommates and we could just survive on chex mix and peanuts m&ms and our wit forever.

yeah, that’s how much i love the chiliwinkers. they just rock. and hilary, our newest member, gets the ‘my favorite person of the week’ prize, just because she is so my people, and we spent a goodly portion of the afternoon talking about dawson’s creek much to damon and smel’s dismay.

and also another reason i love my writing group. because when i asked them what they wanted to drink, and listed off the available beverages (diet coke with lime, hi-c fruit punch, and water) damon and smel both had the DCw/Lime. because, as damon said, “when in rome.”

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  1. Robin 17.Oct.04 at 11:54 am

    I wanna move to Minnie and be a Chiliwinker! Or, will you allow me to be a member-at-large?


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