i ought to be in superman pictures

this is the best spam i ever, ever got:
Dear applicant,

This email notification certifies that you have been randomly
selected via email to apply and participate as an “Act” in
the induction,casting and making of “SUPERMAN THE MOVIE “ which
will be In Theaters by july 2006.

so yeah, i’m not a total idiot. i knew for sure something was up. thought for sure that someone who knows all about my superman fetish, totally set me up for some sort of e-mail practical joke. sadly, it’s just porn spam. when i clicked one of the links it too me to like Cum Coated Titties of Florida or something.

but, it still made me chuckle.

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  1. Damon 17.Oct.04 at 12:30 am

    Sure, everytime I click through on the spam I get I get sent to a site with Cum Coated Ed McMahon.

    Where’s the justice in this world?

  2. UH 17.Oct.04 at 1:08 pm

    Cum-Coated Titties of Florida?

    Got a link?