dare i say, i feel marginally better

the artguy has totally guilted me into watching the third and final debate. see, i have avoided them up to this point, preferring to read all the hubbug and transcripts the next day. but nooo, now i feel all guilty like i’m [and i quote] “purposefully trying to be uninformed.” i hate when he does that. besides i’m hoping it’ll give me someplace to focus my anger and being the ineffective communicator that i am, i’m sure i’ll tell everyone all about it.

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  1. NEIL YOUNG 14.Oct.04 at 12:53 am

    The style of her hair…
    She used to look like a serial kill-air…
    She has her own site…
    It’s called “I WILL DARE”
    Now there’s a warning sign
    Because she’s got a flu bug
    Gonna go see Westerberg
    And given him a hug
    There’s one more girl
    Who isn’t feeling swell
    Who needs to get some rest
    Who needs to get well…

    Jodi’s… rockin in the free world
    Jodi’s… rockin in the free world
    Jodi’s… rockin in the free world

    Dear Ms. Jodi, Hope you feel better soon. Sorry I didn’t post this in the thread where it should go (above this one), but there was no comment spot.

    Best to you always, Neil


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