pros and cons

– everytime al comes over and i’m listening quite loudly to self she says, “hey is this self?” while bobbing her head
– the artguy lets me tease him relentlessly about being old
– the minion doesn’t mind that i’m so bitter
– i have coworkers that laugh and laugh and laugh until they cry about the dysfunction of our workplace
– i can have serious conversations on what is art and if i were a body piercing which one would i be and on who with my coworkers
– jess remembers all the details i forget
– people come to my cell to relax and laugh
– i get to be creative and crude all at the same time
– everyone other than my boss and a VIP thinks i kick ass at my job
– the director of direct direct trusts us to do our job
– my portfolio rocks the casbah
– though he ignores me, the bossman lets me do what i want
– i get to leave early to take writing classes
– they pay me to write

– the bossman ignores me
– since i don’t know what the bossman’s job is, i get angry because i don’t think he’s doing it
– a VIP doesn’t think i have the capabilities to do anything creative

today, i needed this list.

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