though it appears that way, i am not sad

there are days when i get lost in my head. it makes me appear sad to the outside world, even though i am not sad. i am just lost in my head tumbling about with the rambling ideas that can’t quite seem to make their way from my brain to my fingers.

though i am quieter than normal today, this day where i am lost in my head, i am not sad. i am just thoughtful, reflective. i don’t get like that often. usually i am loud and boisterous. to keep most questions about my well-being at bay i perform when my coworkers stop by for a chat. i laugh extra hard, i make extra jokes, i am extra-something, though i am not feeling the extraness. they don’t have to know and it’s much better that way. i don’t want to explain the reflective jodi.

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  1. rolpol 11.Aug.04 at 6:26 pm

    Could it be that Reflective Jodi is the muse of JodiChromeySuperGenius?