so i’ve had a bad

so i’ve had a bad day at work. not your average bad day, but a really, really bad day. yes, the sorta day that makes you run to the bathroom to cry just a little bit because if you don’t your head will surely explode.

so i’m having this rotten miserable day where more and more work gets heaped on me and then my dad calls and asks me to make about 456 changes to the stupid tournament brochure and i try not to scream at him. because, it’s not his fault i am having a bad day and contemplating quitting my job.

so i am having this no good, very bad day when i get home to find an e-mail from Allen asking me to read his latest post (which is silly because i check his site all the time). so i read the wretched post and not only do i feel guilty now for being a big, fat baby– i am angry.

yes, i am angry at such self-righteousness. allen talks about the horrors that his poor-girlfriend must endure in her job and the horrors that have happened to the people she works for and with. yes, it’s terrible and i am sorry that bad things happen to people. bad things have happened to me. i don’t take that out on others. what makes me angry is the assumption that not-only are these people’s complaints more valid than mine, that their lives are rougher than mine, but the assumption that i am silly, vapid and basically a self-centered nogoodnik for talking about the issues i am facing.

so yes, i realize i am lucky to be alive. i realize that my life is a walk in the park compared to a vast majority of people on earth. yes, yes i am blessed. but you know what? there is no call for making me, or anyone else feel guilty about that. blech! now i am being all crabby and self-righteous.

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