222 minutes to sanity

i sobbed all the way home from work tonight. giant, breath-gulping, tear streaming sobs. the stress at work is only exacerbated by my lack of sleep, leaving me emotionally unequipped to deal with setbacks. and today, there was a giant setback. but i’ll recover, i always do. i’m nothing if not resilient. i just have to make “it’s a job, it’s a job, i don’t care it doesn’t matter, it’s just a job” my new mantra.

so yes, you can see my frame of mind, and you can probably imagine my absolute delight at finding that little red netflix envelope in my mailbox. yes, there it was, disc 4 of season 2 of Dawson’s Creek. clearly, somebody somewhere likes me. god bless ’em.

and that’s where i plan on spending the evening. on the fabulous blue couch with dawson, joey, pacey and some it’s not delivery it’s digorno pizza. my guess is that life this week, probably won’t get any better than this.

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