she’d rather be alone than just pretend

last night while i was getting my whoop(ing cough) on, i started to write a new story. i think this one is gonna break my heart right in two, and now all i want to do is sit home and work on it. instead, i have to be here at work taking care of all the stuff nobody else seems to think about taking care of and listening to the weakerthans. it’s official, i am totally sick of all the music that i like, so i’m looking for some good butt-rocking suggestions. i’m in the mood for some bootyshaking.

also, i watched “Kill Bill” last night (we make jokes about it all the time here in softwareland because Al looks just like Uma Thurman so, since we’re all lately watching Kill Bill, we all say, ‘oh i watched Kill Bill starring the lovely Al hernewlastname” and then she blushes, yeah goodtimes goodtimes in coporate america) and i loved it. LOVED it.

tonight we have class, and i think the NESC might be joining us for a beer thanks to my lovely friend Smel. i will, of course, keep you posted.

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