the vegetable snob

a scene from monday night dinner:
“you know life would be much easier if you just ate red meat,” sister #3 said over her plate of meatloaf and gravy.
“i can’t.”
“because of that book!”
“i read Fast Food Nation and i can still eat meat,” sister #2 said, shoveling in a forkful of meatloaf.

then mom swooped in asking what we should have next monday night for dinner, because apparently this monday night dinner thing is going to become a weekly occurance.

“chipped beef on toast?”
“i’ll bring my own dinner,” i said, hoping to be helpful.
“i can make some turkey spaghetti for you,” my mom said.
“no, that’s ok.”
“i don’t mind,” she said.
“how about instead of turkey you sautee a zucchini, some peppers and some onions?”
“she doesn’t even know what a zucchini looks like,” my dad said.
“YOU ARE SUCH A SNOB,” sister #3 shouted.
“i’m a snob because i like vegetables?”
“no, you’re a snob because you sautee them.”
“and you shop at byerly’s,” sister #2 said.
“i do not.”
“you each lunch there,” sister #4 said, pointing a finger at me.
“oh shut up,” i said and turned back to my plate filled with mashed potatoes and frozen corn.

and despite my snobbiness, the sister club has officially planned our IKEA outing for the 29th. i am so excited. only sisters like us can go from arguing over vegetables to planning an outing in like 4.2 minutes.

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  1. melts 13.Jul.04 at 3:00 pm

    i can’t wait to hear about next monday’s dinner. sauteed vegetables and a shopping trip to ikea? sounds heavenly.

  2. Mmm Mmm Good 16.Jul.04 at 6:13 pm

    Farmer’s Market, Lake and Hiawatha, Saturday mornings. The biggest, tastiest kohlrabi you’ve ever seen. Can’t be missed, folks.

    Smel’s nickname has officially been changed to rockstar. Because she is a rock star, you know.


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