down at the creek

when mrs. leery admitted to her husband mitch that she’s a cheap cheezy whore whose been sleeping with someone for months, i started to cry.

a few scenes later, when mitch told the cheezy whore about how he had made an instantaneous decision to love her the moment he met her and then now he’s made the same sort of instantaneous decision to hate her because she’s a cheap whore, i continued crying. then when the cheezy whore said she just wanted to want again and she cheated because her life was too perfect, i sorta stopped crying a little.

then, in the next episode when bessie started having her baby and the only one who could help was jen’s mean grandma, i let loose. but i was only really warming up for that scene when pacey’s english teacher, mrs. jacobs breaks up with him and won’t give him a farewell kiss because she couldn’t handle it, well, i think i was crying so hard i was hiccuping.

but then the TTHM called and made fun of me for writing about sweet rob looking at me, and then i laughed. and the knots in my back have started to loosen. and really, i only have one more day where i have to be superadultresponsiblegirl, then i can enjoy an entire week where my biggest concern will be how good NESC’s story is and if there will be eye contact in class on wednesday.

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