semi-conscious streams of consciousness

the other day at work we were talking about some boy or something, i can’t even remember and bonnie turned to me and asked, “are you shopping?”

i was quite taken aback and i had to think about it a minute.

“if you’re thinking, you’re not shopping.” it stunned me. because she was right i’m not shopping. i’m just browsing. it’s nice to know that. of course if something shiny catches my eye, i’m all for impulse purchases ifyaknowwhatimean.

i’ve had a few cocktails tonight, it’s gonna help me sleep. i can’t handle another night of my head spinning in infinity until 4:40 or so in the a dot m dot. you know? it’s making me feel all loosy goosey in a good sort of way and it’s only 10:30.

i think that cold i had yesterday was an abberation. perhaps it was just my allergies flaring up. you know, because i’m allergic to mondays or something.

sometimes it scares me how very well the TTHM knows me. because i kinda want to be some engimatic mystery woman. but it sort of makes me warm in my stomach at the same time, that he’s listened enough to know me and that i’ve shared enough for him to know me. we won’t chalk it up to my utter clichedness and/or transparency. ok?

recent searches from the Hessie Memorial Search Box over there in the Corner:
karen, christopher (i am lead to believe that these searches were performed by my cousin karen and/or christopher)
jeff johnson
socks (again, like 15 times in a row)
biological father
ike reilly
if you were the baltic sea and i were a cup
the TTHM (about 83 times)

my fabulous friend jodie (who henceforth will be known as FFJ) tells me all time the that i am fucking fabulous and it makes me want to hug her. she rocks my socks right off. you should all want her to be your FFJ.

someday i am gonna make a key of all the abbreviations used herin and forthwith and stuff.

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  1. the TTHM 05.May.04 at 9:13 am

    okay…i must have forgotten again…just what is it that i have done to give you any indication that i know you so very well, hmmm? Expiring minds want to know…and mine is most expiringest.