sherlock holmes

i don’t keep a check register for my checking account. i’m not too good at keeping receipts either. this makes balancing my checking account somewhat of a game.

i have online banking so at anytime i can see how much money i don’t have. but for some reason i like to keep track of everything using whatever program that is that came with oberon that you use to keep track of money. it might be quicken, i’m not sure.

sometimes this is quite a mystery. when your bank account suddenly drops like $100 in one day and you don’t remember spending $100, you have to get to the bottom of such matters.

so i sit here and think about what i’ve done over the past week. where i could have spent this random $100.

it’s always quite satisfying when i finally solve such a mystery. oh! dinner out, gas for ruby, flowers for grammu (happy birthday grammu!).

voila! i am a supergenius.

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  1. Linsey 19.Mar.02 at 3:04 pm

    aah, yes. the checkbook balancing game. i have a register…but i only use it occasionally. this does about as much good as not using one at all. right now i am trying to figure out how i spent 698.00. wish me luck.


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