let’s set sail with captain morgan

i’m in the process of getting very drunk, because i want to. because i’m in the mood to not live in my fully-sober brain tonight. because i had a bad dream that left me still sobbing when i woke up. my need to justify this is really quite pathetic.

when we went out to happy hour for webboy’s birthday on wednesday, i departed from my very favorite leinie’s honey weiss for my absolute favorite all-time alcoholic beverage (even more than margaritas) captain morgan and diet coke. i can’t remember the last time i’ve had a captain morgan and diet coke.

the first sip of captain and coke instantly transplanted me to the 5 o’clock club with skal behind the bar, and denny the janitor rubbing up against me telling me how much he admires me and how smart and funny i am. his wife, jan is two stools over laughing at her husband’s crush on me.

skal and i are easily the youngest people in the bar by like 20 years. and i’m drinking free captain and cokes and just laughing.

i stop the tape there with this memory. because the rest of it stinks, and involved me hoarking my guts out at the diamound lounge while dave plays lovely with his girlfriend tina, which breaks my heart because i know he doesn’t want to be with her anymore.

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