mars bonfire

“i just love the way you always call him fucker,” the TTHM said, making him the winner of the best line for the day. . . though bonnie came close with her weird west-wing speak about the alleged new snuffleupagus who always wears black. but that was a you had to be there type conversation.

also, i signed up for beautiful robert’s summer class. i feel much relieved. i kept having this weird waking-nightmare that i would wait too long and then the class would be filled and all my writer friends would be in the class and i wouldn’t. but i’ve done it. so i’m good to go.

i also grocery shopped. this was just entirely more productivity than a monday night called for. you know?

the weekend is still processing through me. i have so much to say about it, only the it’s not coming out in words only random emotions that i cannot describe.

perhaps tomorrow.

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  1. kalla_lillie 27.Apr.04 at 8:38 am

    I have the cheque in a stamped envelope ready to send downstairs to the mailbox to register for “The Disch’s” class this summer. I’m with ya sista, every step of the way. Hopefully, I’ll have a short story written by then, so I won’t be one of those, “I’ve never written a short story before” type of people. I know how those types get on your nevres. =)

  2. jodi 27.Apr.04 at 9:01 am

    but you’ve written a short story, i read it this weekend. so there!


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