my latent nesting instinct

i dream of throw pillows.

when i got home from work yesterday, i cleaned my stove. it was gross. while taking breaks from various other kitchen cleaning type activities, i searched the internet for coffee tables.

ever since i ordered my swanky new couch, i’ve been possessed by suzy homemaker. i fantasize about red chairs and matching ottomans. i even seriously considered for 20 entire minutes taking down the replacements poster that is the dominate decoration of my dining room/office area.

but then i talked myself down from the ledge. i got my ass off of and went to watch Dogtown and Z-boys. i’m hoping to return to my normal, not caring about interior decorating self soon.

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  1. Scott McGerik 28.Apr.04 at 10:01 am

    My best advice for buying new furniture is: don’t. Once you buy one new piece, everything else needs to be replaced because it looks old or does not match. Then, once you replace all of your furniture, you realize that the walls in the livingroom need to painted and all the artwork you got hanging on them looks cheap and trite.
    I made the mistake of painting the walls in our livingroom and dining room. Now I can’t stand the cheap ass look of our handmedown furniture. I get a lot of stubbed toes because I walk through my livingroom with my eyes closed. A stubbed toe is better than an offended sense of aesthetics.

  2. Thomas 28.Apr.04 at 11:20 am

    Dont listen to him! Get two new recliners! Bing Cherry red ones in a microfiber (microfiber is kitty friendly for claws and hair)! The Matinee Series by La-Z-Boy, color code G815207! Get them motorized! They’re almost as good as sex! Look them up online at the website or on Google. They’re great for reading or DVD viewing.

  3. Scott McGerik 29.Apr.04 at 7:08 pm

    Is it safe to use “swanky”? After all, we used that as children to talk about our new pair of jeans.


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