woe is me wednesday

i’ve decided that wednesdays are the day i can spend wallowing in self-pity. wednesdays generally kick my ass. on wednesdays i inevitably feel as though i cease to matter. that i am only valuable in so far as i give people what they need or want. wednesdays are not about me at all, in the least. wednesdays i am a robot dispensing advice, words, caring to those who need it, though on wednesdays is when i need it most. on wednesdays i need to be reminded that i do matter and i am important even when i’m not giving everyone what they want. on wednesdays it’d be nice to be reminded that i am more than the copywhore or the mirror with adoration colored eyes. on wednesdays i go to bed and wish desperately for thursday to come quickly.

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  1. Brandon 07.Jan.04 at 11:17 pm

    Sounds like someone’s got a case of “the wednesday’s!”

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself. 😉

  2. jodi 07.Jan.04 at 11:19 pm

    you’re right and tomorrow i’ll have a case of the “wow was i a melodramatic jackasses.”

    such is the life of a melodramtic jackass.