i went outside to go to work today only to discover that ruby had one of the flattest tires i’d ever seen. of course, now i’m sitting here waiting to be rescued. i don’t have a spare. argh. and even if i did, i don’t have a jack. argh, argh. and even if i did, i wouldn’t know how to change the tire. argh, argh, argh. i am so not good being a damsel in distress. i hate it. i feel guilty for imposing. and worst of all, i can’t get a hold of my brother-in-law/knight with a shining air compressor, mostly because he’s at the hospital bringing my sister and their new son home.

could this suck any more?

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  1. heather 06.Jan.04 at 10:00 am

    triple-a to the rescue!

  2. NBFB 06.Jan.04 at 1:49 pm

    When the weather gets warmer I’ll head out with you to get a spare and tire changing equipment, and give you a quick and dirty tire changing lesson, if you want, so you can be more self-reliant, if you want. Would that be a good birthday present? Don’t answer that. It’s a totally crappy present because it’s practical…
    Call it a vernal equinox present then, if you want. But you have to make me that logo first.

  3. minnekeith 07.Jan.04 at 8:20 am

    Couldn’t you have picked a colder Minnesota day to have a flat on?